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Seed Varieties A - E

Aaron's Rod Seeds
Acanthus Seeds
African Iris Seeds
Albizia (Pink Silk) Seeds
Alfalfa Seeds
Aloe vera Seeds
American Wormseed Seeds
American Cress Seeds
Andrographis Seeds
Angelica Seeds
Angelica (New Zealand ) Seeds
Angled Luffa Seeds
Anise or Aniseeds
Annatto Seeds
Aquilegia Seeds
Arabica Coffee Seed
Artichoke Seeds
Ashwagandha Seeds
Atropa Belladonna Seeds
Australian Native Lemongrass Seeds
Aztec Sweet Leaf Seeds
Balloon Flower Seeds
Basil Bush or Greek Basil Seeds
Basil (Cinnamon) Seeds
Basil (Lemon) Seeds
Basil (Sweet) Seeds
Basil (Tea Bush) Seeds
Basil Thai (Anise or Licorice) Seeds
Basil (Tulsi or Holy Basil) Seeds
Bee Balm seeds
Belladonna Seeds
Bergamot (Wild) Seeds
Bitter Melon Seeds
Bishop's Weed Seeds
Bennett Herb Seeds
Bittersweet Seeds
Boneset seeds
Borage seeds
Bupleurum seeds
Burdock seeds
Burnett seeds
Calendula seeds
California Poppy seeds
Caltrop seeds
Carrot (Purple) seeds
Catnip seeds
Chamomile English seeds
Chamomile German seeds
Chaste Tree seeds
Chervil seeds
Chick Pea seeds
Chickweed seeds
Chicory seeds
Chinese Date seeds
Chinese Knotweed seeds
Chinese Vitex seeds
Chinese Wormwood seeds
Christmas Rose seeds
Chrysanthemum seeds
Cinqfoil seeds
Cissus seeds
Clarey Sage seeds
Cleavers seeds
Clitoria seeds
Cnidium seeds
Cocklebur seeds
Colic Root seeds
Cosmetic Bark seeds
Curry Leaf Murraya seeds
Cyclamen seeds
Columbine seeds
Comfrey seeds
Cone Flower seeds
Coriander seeds
Cornflower seeds
Cotton seeds
Datura stramonium seeds
Daisy English seeds
Dandilion seeds
Dan shen seeds
Dark Mullein seeds
Deadly Nightshade seeds
Delphinium seeds
Devil's Apple seeds
Dill seeds
Dyer's Chamomile seeds
Earth Smoke seeds
Echinacea purpurea seeds
Echinacea angustifolia seeds
Elcampane seeds
Elderberry seeds
English Daisy seeds
Epazote seeds
Evening Primrose seeds

Seed Varieties F - O

Fenugreek seeds
Fennel seeds
Fennel (Florence) seeds
Feverfew seeds
Figwort seeds
Finger Eggplant seeds
Flax seeds
Forget me not seeds
Four O'Clock seeds
Foxglove seeds
French Lilac seeds
Fringe Flower seeds
Fumitory seeds
Garland Chrysanthemum seeds
Ginger (Native) seeds
Globe Artichoke seeds
Goat's Rue seeds
Golden Rod seeds
Golden Shower seeds
Goji Berry seeds
Greater Celandine seeds
Heartsease seeds
Heliotrope seeds
Henbane(Black) seeds
Henbane(White) seeds
Henna seeds
Herb Bennett seeds
Herb Robert seeds
High John seeds
Hong-hua seeds
Hollyhock seeds
Holy Basil seeds
Horehound seeds
Horseradish Tree | Seeds
Hyssop seeds
Huckleberry seeds
Inca Marigold seeds
Indian Tobacco seeds
Immortality Vine seeds
Jaboticaba seeds
Japanese Saltwort seeds
Jerusalem Artichoke (Plant Site)
Jicima seeds
Job's Tears seeds
Johnny Jump-up seeds
Jimeson Weed seeds
Jujube seeds
Kangaroo Vine seeds
Kang Kong seeds
Karapincha seeds
Kei Apple seeds
Kale seeds
Kidney Weed seeds
King of Bitters seeds
Lamb's Ears seeds
Larkspur seeds
Lavender (English) seeds
Leaf Ginseng seeds
Lemongrass seeds
Lemon Balm seeds
Lemon Scented Grass seeds
Lemon Verbena seeds
Linseed seeds
Lipstick Tree seeds
Lupin (Australian Sweet) seeds
Madagascar Jasmine seeds
Mallow (Common) seeds
Mallow (Marshmallow) seeds
Malabar Greens seeds
Marigold seeds
Marjoram seeds
Marshmallow seeds
Meadowsweet seeds
Mexican Tea seeds
Melilot seeds
Mexican Coriander seeds
Mint seeds
Miners Lettuce seeds
Mizuna seeds
Motherwort (Chinese) seeds
Mustard (Yellow) seeds
Mustard (Black) seeds
Mullein (Cream) seeds
Mullein (Yellow) seeds
Mullein (Dark) seeds
Mugwort seeds
Murraya koenigii seeds

Seed Varieties P - Y

Nasturtium seeds
Native Lemongrass seeds
Native Sarsaparilla
Native Tobacco seeds
Nettle (Dioica) seeds
Nettle (Urens) seeds
New Guinea Bean seeds
Nigella sativa Seeds
Oat Seeds
Oregano Seeds
Oyster Root Seeds
Parsley (Flat) Seeds
Parsley (Curled) Seeds
Pawpaw Seeds
Peanut Seeds
Pennyroyal Seeds
Peppermint Seeds
Perillia Seeds
Petty Spurge Seeds
Perennial Coriander Seeds
Pink Silk Tree Seeds
Pokeroot Seeds
Psyllium Seeds
Puncture Vine seeds

Radium Weed seeds
Rapeseed seeds
Red Clover seeds
Red Peacock Flower seeds
Rocket seeds
Rosemary seeds
Rue seeds
Sage seeds
Safflower seeds
Salad Burnett seeds
Salsify seeds
Saltwort seeds
Santolina (Plant Site)
Sea Holly seeds
Sechuan Buttons seeds
Scullcap(Virginian) seeds
Self Heal seeds
Shepherd's Purse seeds
Sinicuichi seeds
Snake Bean seeds
Snakeroot seeds
Soapwort seeds
Spearmint seeds
Stevia seeds
Stonecrop seeds
St.Mary's Thistle seeds
St.John's Wort seeds
Starwort seeds
Stinging Nettle seeds
Summer Savory seeds
Sun Opener seeds
Sweet Marjoram seeds
Sweet Yellow Clover seeds
Sweet Violet seeds
Swiss Chard seeds
Sweet Wormwood seeds
Szechuan Button seeds
Talinum seeds
Tansey seeds
Tarragon (Russian) seeds
Tarragon (Inca) seeds
Tarragon (Mexican) seeds
Thorn Apple seeds
Thyme seeds
Tiger Lily seeds
Toothache Plant seeds
Toothache Button seeds
Tree Violet seeds
Upland Cress seeds
Upland Cotton seeds
Urid seeds (Urid Dal)
Valerian seeds
Verbascum seeds
Vitex agnus seeds
WallPepper seeds
Watercress seeds
Waterleaf seeds
Wheatgrass seeds
White Man's Foot seeds
Wild Bergamot seeds
Wild Yam seeds
Wolfberry seeds
Willow Herb (Small Flowered) seeds
Winter Purslane seeds
Winter Rose seeds
Wooly Woundwort seeds
Woody Nightshade seeds
Wormseed seeds
Wormwood seeds
Xian cao seeds
Xanthium seeds
Yam Bean seeds
Yarrow seeds
Yellow Sweet Clover seeds

Specific Websites

To make it easy to get exactly what you want without looking very hard, here are our
'Product Specific' websites, just click and go!

Goji Plants and Seed

Goji Plants Australia


Bulbs and Seeds

Making Herbal Remedies

Garden Pharmacy

Vegetable Seeds Only

Everything from Garlic to Tomatoes

Bio-Dynamic Gardening

Using Biodynamic principles in your garden

Radium Weed

Grow your own Skin Cancer Treatment


Beautanicals Herbs and Seeds Australia

  • Grow your own

    We began growing our own food over 30 years ago and it has always made sense. We know exactly what we are eating.

  • Australian

    Our farm is situated in the Mary Valley, Queensland, Australia.
    Everything that we sell, we grow. We sow the same seed that we sell, so we are always very aware of the quality.

  • Postage

    We post seeds every day of the working week, and 'live plants' from Monday to Wednesday.
    All seeds are posted Registered Post to guarantee that you receive them.

  • Organic and Sustainable

    We believe that nature has more practice at looking after itself that humans have at trying to control it.
    Our gardening techiniques are inclusive and patient, even when it doesn't fit in our schedule.
    Everything is grown in soil, at the right season, and pollinated naturally.

Our Amazing Farm

Well, just a really big garden actually!

Everything is organically grown

Maintained without machinery, except for the mowing of course..

All seed is Open Pollinated

We encourage nature to deal with the bugs.
Organic produce should cost less, not more.

We harvest by hand

That way we are always aware of the quality.
Up close and personal.

We do not grow any GMO varieties of anything. Almost everything that we grow is Heirloom, which means that the variety has not been changed in any way since before WW2.
Any varieties that we are unsure of the heritage of, we will grow for many seasons before we decide to sell the seed.
Beautanicals will not be Open to the Public for farm visits, until 2017.

Contact Us

Email is our only convenient form of contact as we are most often working on the farm.